Toronto-based Cedarvale Pictures has established coveted relationships with the major talent agencies in Los Angeles who represent A-List actors, top directors and great writers. In every film project, we strive to achieve a level of excellence that exceeds the artistic vision of the creative team. 

As one of the most collaborative art forms, moviemaking is the world’s truest team sport. We believe sustainable success in the film industry can only be achieved by balancing the 'Art' of making movies with the 'Business' of protecting investor’s capital and returning a profit. 

We understand the domestic and global tax incentive programs and strategically place film productions in locations that aid the creative aspect of the film, as well as the bottom line, providing another layer of protection of investor capital

Our goal is for film-goers worldwide to know when they watch a Cedarvale film it will be a high-quality, entertaining film experience for them.   

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